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I video segnati come scaricati sono stati trovati per la maggior parte su winmx e kazaa. I credit che ho sono nella sezione credit, ma purtoppo alcuni video restano ancora senza un autore.Se qualcuno riconosce chi li ha creati mi scriva.

The dowloaded videos on this page) has been founded on Kazaa and WinMx. If you know who is the creator email me . Credits are in the links section

Video Musicali

Fatti da me
Always- Bon Jovi
Do you remember? - Aaron Carter OFFLINE
I knew I loved you - Savage Garden OFFLINE
Heaven - Bryan Adams
This I promise You - N*sync

Flying Without wings - Westlife
I'm your angel - Celine Dion ft. R.Kelly
It's gonna be love - Mandy Moore

Trovati nel Web
I want you to want me
Still the one- Shania Twain
Full circle - Aereosmith
I'll be - Edwin McCain
At The beginning  - Richars Marx & Donna Lewis
Always Be
Broken Road
My immortal - Evanescence
Don't dream it's over - Sixpence none the richer
Your sweet voice
Come what may - Nicole Kidman ft. Ewan McGragor
From this moment on - Shania Twain
When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating
Infinito -Raf
It's all coming back to me - Celine Dion
Wise Up
Alive - Celine Dion
Selfish - Nsync
Hold On - Mary Beth Mariarz
Head over feet
I wanna be with you - Mandy Moore
Lost Found
Track of my tears
I could not ask for more -  Edwin McCain
Do I have to cry for you - Nick Carter
When You love someone - Bryan Adams
Miss you nights - Westlife
I can't stop loving you - Phil Collins
It's in his kiss
Can we fall in love again?
If this is the end - Faith Hill
I never had a dream come true - S club 7
Daydream Believer - Mary Beth Mariarz
I'm crazy for you - Madonna
The best kind of love
Kiss me - Sixpence none the richer
Have a little Faith in me
Falling - Sarah Mclachan
All for love - BryanAdams
Pacey& Joey - Harrp valentine day

Parti di Episodi
I dialoghi sono ovviamente in lingua originale

Like a virgin
Home Movies
A weekend in the country
Crime and punishement
Cinderella Story
Stolen Kisses
The anti-Prom
Coming Home
Separation anxiety

Sono le pubblicità di DC trasmesse negli stati uniti. 

3.17 Cinderella's Story
3.18 Neverland
3.19 Stoen kisses
3.20 The longest day
3.22 The anti-prom
4.02 Falling Down
4.05 A family way
4.08 The unusual suscpects
4.10 Self reliance
4.11 The tao of Dawson
4.12 The te of Pacey
4.13 Hopeless
4.14 A winter's Tale
4.16 Mind Games
4.17 Admissions
4.19 Late
6.06 Living Dead Girl
6.07 Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell
6.09 Everything Put Together Falls Apart
6.10 Merry Mayhem
6.12 All the right moves
6.15 Castaways
6.16 That was then
6.17 Sex and Violence
6.21 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
6.22 Joey Potter and the capeside redemption
6.23/6.24 All good things.. must come to an end(Series Finale)

Other videos

Evan and Jaron - Crazy for this girl (con le immagini della 3 serie di DC)
Intervista a Katie e Josh
Dawson's creek promo
Trailer in Italiano

Behind the scenes
Countdown to goodbye
Sigla lenta al pianoforte